What is an NBA Academy?

NBA Academy is the NBA’s international elite development initiative that will consist of a network of elite training centers around the world to develop top international male and female prospects.  The new initiative, which includes educational development for the prospects, marks the league’s most significant investment in elite player development.

NBA Academies will support existing international basketball academies by exposing elite prospects to NBA-level coaching, facilities and competition and by providing a global framework for elite-level prospects to maximize their success.  The initiative will employ a holistic, 360-degree approach to player development with focuses on education, leadership, character development and life skills.  The initiative builds on the NBA’s existing grassroots programming, including Jr. NBA and NBA 3X, which engaged more than 12 million youth during the 2015-16 season, as well as the NBA Basketball Schools initiative.

Each elite training center will be staffed with NBA-trained coaches to foster the development of prospects on and off the court, both during and after their basketball careers.  The top student-athletes at each center will have an opportunity to be selected for travel teams that will play in international tournaments and exhibition games.  NBA Academies will also aim to foster the development of local basketball support staff.