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ESPN: This week's NBA Global Camp marked the first time the league has organized a draft combine outside of U.S. Over the course of four days, 81 players from 38 countries -- ranging from 15 to 23 years old -- went through athletic and medical testing, measurements, interviews, scrimmages and practices, including instruction from a group of eight NBA assistant coaches and Sergio Scariolo, the head coach of the Spanish national team.

Scroll: The 17-year-old has already played for and captained the India U-16 team last year but after a stint at the NBA Academy, she’s gunning for more.

Times of India: Former Indian skipper and national women's team coach Divya Singh is impressed with the talent exhibited by country's top 18 women prospects currently receiving training at the basketball development program as part of the NBA Academies Women's Camp currently in progress at the NBA Academy India in Greater Noida from May 27-29.

Africa News: The first boot camp for young basketball players in Senegal is underway. The three-day camp is serving as a platform to nurture young players under 17 years of age.

What are NBA Academies?

NBA Academies, a network of elite basketball training centers around the world, include educational development for top male and female prospects from outside the U.S. and mark the NBA’s signature elite player development initiative. The initiative exposes elite prospects to NBA-level coaching, facilities and competition and provides a global framework for them to maximize their success.

Employing a holistic, 360-degree approach to player development with focuses on education, leadership, character development and life skills, NBA Academies build on the league’s existing grassroots programming, including Basketball Without Borders (BWB) - the NBA and the International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA) global basketball development and community outreach program that has seen more than 50 former campers make it to the NBA.

Since October 2016, NBA Academies have been launched in Canberra, Australia; Jinan, Urumqi and Zhuji, China; Mexico City, Mexico; Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), India; and Thies, Senegal. As part of the program, the student-athletes compete against top competition throughout the year and have an opportunity to be selected for travel teams that play in international tournaments and exhibition games.

Each NBA Academy is staffed with NBA-trained coaches who foster the development of student-athletes on and off the court, during and after their basketball careers. NBA Academy coaches implement a curriculum developed by leading player development coaches that teaches the fundamentals of the game so NBA Academy student-athletes improve individually and as teammates. Each NBA Academy is also staffed with an experienced strength and conditioning coach who helps the student-athletes improve their athleticism and stay healthy.

Depending on the location of the academy, student-athletes either attend a local public school or receive a scholarship to a local private school, and all student-athletes receive academic support as needed. In addition to academic development, the student-athletes receive life-skills training, including health and wellness education, financial management and career development.

What are NBA Basketball Schools?

NBA Basketball Schools are a network of basketball development programs around the world open to both male and female players ages 6-18. The NBA Basketball School is unique in its approach based on “the NBA way” of developing players in a structured program and environment focused on skill development and promoting positive values such as integrity, teamwork, respect and determination.