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The Rookie Wire: Nearly 70 attendees of Basketball Without Borders, a global development program, have been drafted or signed as free agents in the NBA and that number only projects to grow with the next class set for the draft on Wednesday.

What is NBA Academy?

NBA Academy is an elite basketball development initiative that provides top high school-age prospects from outside the U.S. with a holistic approach to player development. The NBA Academy program includes six academies across Australia, China, India, Mexico and Senegal for top male and female prospects from their respective countries and continents.
The program focuses on health and wellness, character development and life skills, and gives prospects the opportunity to learn the game from outside coaches who the NBA hires with professional, collegiate and international coaching experience.
As part of the program, the prospects compete against top competition throughout the year and have an opportunity to be selected for travel teams that play in international tournaments and exhibition games.
Depending on the location of the academy, prospects either attend a local public school or receive a scholarship to a local private school, and receive additional academic support as needed.

What are NBA Basketball Schools?

NBA Basketball Schools are a network of basketball development programs around the world open to both male and female players ages 6-18. The NBA Basketball School is unique in its approach based on “the NBA way” of developing players in a structured program and environment focused on skill development and promoting positive values such as integrity, teamwork, respect and determination.